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Adding Pidgin to Gnome-Shell's Status Tray

This worked previously, but it seems a recent update once again broke Pidgin’s ability to display in Gnome-Shell’s status bar. I need to add this back because without it I have to keep Pidgin open in the background for it to be accessible. Documenting for future use…

First, create a new directory:

mkdir ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

Next, create a new file in that directory named metadata.json. Its contents should be:

  "shell-version": ["3.10.4"], 
  "uuid": "", 
  "name": "Pidgin Status Icon", 
  "description": "Integrates Pidgin Messaging Client into the status bar"

If running a different version of Gnome-Shell, find out what version you’re running by typing:

gnome-shell --version

Then, create a new file named extension.js (in that same directory). Its contents should be:

// Creates a system status notification icon for Pidgin
const StatusIconDispatcher = imports.ui.statusIconDispatcher;

// Gnome-Shell extension entry point
function main() {
  StatusIconDispatcher.STANDARD_TRAY_ICON_IMPLEMENTATIONS['pidgin'] = 'pidgin';

Then simply restart gnome-shell by pressing alt-f2, typing r, and hitting enter. That’s it. When Pidgin is started now its icon should display in the status bar.