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Octopress and Safe_YAML Tagged Classes

After a system upgrade on Ubuntu, Octopress seems to have broken. The error I get is:

`<module:SafeYAML>': undefined method `tagged_classes' for Psych:Module (NoMethodError)

I know next to no Ruby, but thankfully a Google search turned up this bug report on the safe_yaml Github page. It seems the safe_yaml developer has fixed the problem in the latest version so I want to upgrade to that. The first thing I do is add gem 'safe_yaml', '~> 1.0.4' to the Octopress Gemfile. Then, when I run rake generate, I get:

You have requested:
  safe_yaml ~> 1.0.4

The bundle currently has safe_yaml locked at 1.0.3.
Try running `bundle update safe_yaml`
Run `bundle install` to install missing gems.

So I try running bundle update safe_yaml and the problem is fixed. Yippee! After that, I can run rake generate and the site generation works.